Dr. Carla Arias D.M.D.


Dr. Carla Arias D.M.D. Owner of Natural Smiles

Dr. Arias from a very young age knew, wanted and aspire of becoming a dentist and helping patients, giving them the care that they need and to achieve a beautiful smile. She graduated from the School of Oral Medicine in San Juan, Puerto Rico and then did a General Practice Residency Program at Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, New York.

Short after, she moved to Florida and has been practicing for over 11 years. In 2013 she purchased her practice from a retiring dentist.

Motherhood has changed her practice core. In 2015 one of her children started having symptoms of Sleep Disorder Breathing, restless sleep and snoring. After everything seemed normal with her medical exams, Dr. Arias decided to start taking courses on Craniofacial Growth and Development, Sleep Disorder Breathing, Sleep Apnea and Tethered Oral Tissues. She has learn how it is all connected to feeding, sleep, speech, brain function and overall health. She started treating her children and after seeing them bloom into healthier kids, she now treats babies, kids and adults going through similar problems.

Besides working with Dental Specialists in the community, Dr. Arias also works with Speech Pathologists, Lactation Consultants, Oral Myofunctional Therapists, Ear Nose and Throat Doctors, Quiropractors and Body Workers in a team approach.