Dental Insurances

Our goal and philosophy is treating the patients and not their insurances.

Although most of the patients will come to our office because we accept their insurances or we are in network, it doesn’t mean that we will design a treatment plan with what’s only “covered” by your insurance. The reality of our business is, that we as health care providers, have to educate you of your dental needs. Then we will design and explain the ideal treatment you need to optimize your oral health. Unfortunately not all the treatment you may need will be covered by your insurance policy, and there may be an out of pocket expense on your part.

All dental insurances work differently, they will all have different benefits, coverages, maximum, renewal days and deductibles which is your responsibility to be aware of them. We will also help point them out for you. Your insurance will have limitations, exclusions and even waiting periods.

Dental insurance unfortunately are not custom made to the patients needs and sometimes only cover preventive and basic restorative procedures.

Remember your treatment plan will be based on the treatment that you will need.

At the moment we are providers for the following insurances: